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More Interview Questions
Grade Level(s): K, 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
Submitted by: Upsadaisy, Lanie, Amanda, ReadingTeacher
Originally posted at the A to Z Teacher Stuff Discussion Forums

A list of possible questions you could be asked in an interview, submitted by various participants in the A to Z Teacher Stuff forums...

Posted by Upsadaisy:

What is your philosophy of teaching?
How do you handle difficult students? Situations?
What is your behavior plan?
How do you reward achieving students?
What would your ideal schedule look like?
How do you motivate students?
What do you get out of teaching? Why do you want to?
Describe a successful lesson plan which you have implemented.
Describe ways in which you address various learning styles?
What is the most important element or attribute which you bring to our school?

Posted by Lanie:

I was asked many of the questions Upsadaisy mentioned but also:
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
What have you been doing since you graduated from high school?
How do you keep yourself aware of changes and innovations in education?
What would you do if a parent confronted you about a situation with their child? How would you handle it?

Posted by Amanda:

These are questions I was asked in my latest interview:

  1. Tell us about your teaching experience and educational background.
  2. Why did you decide to teach?
  3. Kindergarten is a lot different than other grade levels. (Describe what you know about these differences, things you would do, etc.... I can't remember the specific wording of this question.)
  4. Describe your communication arts program.
  5. Describe your teaching style. How do you accommodate different levels and learning styles?
  6. What experience do you have working with special needs?
  7. Why do you want to work in our district?
  8. Describe your classroom management and how you keep kids actively engaged in learning.
  9. We regularly collaborate with other teachers in our building. How do you work with others?
  10. Name 2 strengths and 1 weakness that you have.

Posted by ReadingTeacher:

I am a first year teacher who received my job in June. Let me tell you interviewing is not easy, and all school districts ask you different questions. Here are some of the questions I was asked:

  1. Describe to me what your classroom would look like?
  2. What would you do on the first day of school?
  3. Is it better to have humor or discipline in the classroom?
  4. Describe your classroom management.
  5. Describe your reading program.
  6. How would you encourage parental involvement?
  7. What would you do if a parent...?
  8. Describe your student teaching. What were the positives and negatives?
  9. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher? (BE HONEST)

Posted by sandy

  1. If your students score low in reading, what strategies will you use to raise their scores?
  2. How could you use team teaching to provide your students with a better education?
  3. What are the pros and cons of team teaching?
  4. How do you keep up with innovations in education?
  5. What is your teaching philosophy?
  6. What steps will you take to increase parent involvement?
  7. In what ways can you use technology in your teaching?
  8. What role should technology play in the classroom and in the curriculum?
  9. What is your philosophy on discipline?
  10. What steps do you take to maintain communications with parents?
  11. Tell us about the most difficult student that you've taught. What did you learn from that experience?
  12. One of the children in your classroom is misbehaving. How will you address the situation?
  13. How do you integrate the curriculum?
  14. Following the issuance of report cards, a parent comes to your classroom angry about the grades you gave their child. How will you handle the parent?
  15. What do you do to maintain communications with other teachers?
  16. Tell us about the most difficult parent that you've dealt with.
  17. How do you keep the principal informed?
  18. What skills do you bring to our school and community?

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