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FOCUS on Classroom Management: Week 5 - Seek Help When Needed

Teaching and managing a classroom is not an easy task. Many of your efforts will pay off, while others will not prove to be as effective. Please know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Thousands of teachers have dealt with the same issues that you face in the classroom. One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to SEEK HELP WHEN NEEDED! Don't be afraid to talk to a fellow colleague about a problem you are experiencing with a student or group of students. Unfortunately, we are sometimes under the impression that by asking for help we are showing weakness. But, in reality, just the opposite holds true!

Try working through some of your more challenging situations by utilizing a team approach. Seek help from principal of your school. You can also get assistance from the parents/legal guardians of unruly students. There are several steps we advise you to take when resolving these management issues.

  1. STEP 1 - What is the problem? What exactly is the child doing that makes his/her behavior an issue? For example, "Haley needs to be better" is not as effective in curbing misbehavior as, "Haley needs to keep her hands and feet to herself during class." By being specific, the student and whoever else is involved in this process will know exactly what is expected.
  2. STEP 2 - Record how often the problem is occurring and what steps are being taken to resolve it. The following are two ideas of how to organize your records:
    - Assemble a 3-ring notebook containing a page for every student in your room.
    When you notice a problem reoccurring, begin writing it down. Be sure to date each entry. You may even want to have older students write the documentation themselves.
    - Keep a recipe box full of 3x5 index cards on each student. Again, write down the problems you are facing with a student on his/her card when it happens.
  3. STEP 3 - Use these records to decide how to best help the student. If needed, his/her information could be shared during a parent/teacher conference.

Manage your classroom with CONFIDENCE knowing that there are literally thousands out there who are cheering you on!

This concludes the 5-week course on classroom management. Thank you!

Seminar Outline:

Welcome to FOCUS on Classroom Management

F - Focus Attention on You! - Week 1
O - Out and About in the Room - Week 2
C - Cuing Students: Verbal and Non-Verbal - Week 3
U - Use Praise Effectively; Use Rewards Selectively - Week 4
S - Seek Help When Needed - Week 5

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