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Attendance, Lunch/breakfast, discipline
Grade Level(s): 1-2, 3-5
Submitted by: Gina Shanks

I use this handy "contraption" that my 3rd graders have nicknamed The Inline (you'll know why by the end). The Inline keeps track of attendance, lunch/breakfast count, and discipline. Each student has a clothespin with his/her name. Each morning all clothespins are on the bottom spool. As the students come in they move their clothespin to the appropriate spool that depicts what they are doing for lunch (eating a school lunch or brought a lunch from home). The top spool has an S (school lunch) on the right side. The next spool has an H (home lunch) on the right side. The third spool has a B to the right (breakfast). If they are eating breakfast at school they place an orange colored cothespin on that spool. So when the bell rings all I have to do (or the class secretary) is count the school lunches and breakfasts. Any remaining clothespins on the bottom spool indicate that child is absent since they did not move their clothespin. Now on the left of the spools are numbers. The top spool, the one that has the S on the right, has the #1 on the left. The next spool (H on the right) has the #2. The third spool has the #3. and the next to the last spool has the #4. The numbers are for discipline. After the lunch/breakfast count has been taken the secretary moves all the clothespin back to the bottom spool(5th spool). During the day if a student "breaks a rule" he/she moves their clothespin to a #1. If they break another rule, they move their clothespin to the #2 and so on. I have consequences for each number. When the student breaks a rule all I have to say is "Please move your clothespin." I don't lose teaching time because I get with them later and make sure they understand why they moved their clothespin. My 3rd graders last year decided to call it the Inline because it keeps them inline! :)



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