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A Favorite Sleepover
Grade Level(s): K, 1-2
By: Gayla, PreK-4 Teacher

This activity will allow the students to increase their social skills, writing abilities, and language development. Cooperative group work is required which will help the students work better in group settings.


  • puppets of the characters in the story
  • flash light and tent


Read aloud the book, "Arthur's First Sleepover". Discuss with the class about what people do at sleepovers. Using puppets made by yourself or the students, have the class prepare a play of the story. This can be done in small groups. When I did this, the children set up a tent with a flashlight just like the story.

After the kids have presented their play, divide the class into smaller groups to assemble the puzzle of "Arthur's First Sleepover". While they are working the puzzle, they can discuss their favorite sleepover and they write a story about it.

The children can share their story with the class if desired.


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