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Eenie, Callapsie
Grade Level(s): 3-5
By: Heather Birch, First Grade Teacher

A chanting song.


  • one ball for each student, preferably a size they have had practice manipulating and experimenting with in the past
  • whistle


Eenie Callapsie is a chant. Each line is sung, while you do a specific action. The tune of each line is "so - mi", although you could speak the chant if you like.

Following is a list of the words, with the requisite action beside. They should be done continously with no breaks between.

  • Eenie: throw ball up and catch with 2 hands
  • Callapsie: do the same, but clap your hands before catching
  • Twirl: About same, twirl hands around each other before catching the ball
  • To Bapsie: touch your shoulders, then catch the ball
  • High Siteen: throw the ball up very high, catch with 2 hands
  • Low Siteen: throw the ball up low, catch with 2 hands
  • One hand: throw ball up, catch with one hand
  • The other hand: throw ball up, catch with the other hand
  • Salute: throw ball up, salute, then catch it
  • Touch my knee: throw ball up, touch knee, then catch
  • Touch my toe: throw ball up, touch toe, then catch it
  • Touch my heel: throw ball up, touch heel, then catch it
  • And under I go: throw ball under one leg and then catch it


This is a chant I learned when I was in Grade 3, and I will never forget it. I have taught it to everyone I get the chance to, and it is always very well received. I have taught it to as young as Grade One classes, and although it is quite a challenge, it is still fun for them.

When students get really good at the chant, increase the difficulty level. Second time through, do each action, adding the "callapsie" action to everything. Third time through, do each action, adding the "twirl about" action to everything, etc. So, you have to do two actions each time before catching the ball.


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