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Manuscript Letter Writing Eliminating Reversals
Grade Level(s): 1-2
By: Dianne Paul, 1-2 Blended Teacher

Eliminating reversals when writing.


  • a grid sheet with 10 squares 3/4th to 1 inch square per row
  • pencil
  • 3 minute egg timer


To determine how quickly a child is able to write, get a base line by having them write their name one letter per box as fast as they can go, over and over in a three minute timing. Establish your criteria prior that the letters will need to rest on the bottom of the box and touch the top if they are capitals or tall letters.

Then each day, the children take a timing on the letters that they struggle with. They can all do the same letter like (b) or they can be individualized with the letters that cause them trouble. They are expected to reach mastery when they have reached the number of correct letters that they have written when they write their name.

We have eliminated the number of reversals with numbers and letters by this simple practice on a daily basis for a while each fall. We have found it to be well worth the time and paper. Kids can get to the point that they correct their own work if the criteria is clear enough for each one.


We always struggle with a few children with reversal problems and the more quickly it is corrected the easier it is for them. So change it before the habit continues any longer. They like being able to see progress like this.

Copyright 1999 by Dianne Paul. All Rights Reserved.


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