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How Does the Wind Blow?
Grade Level(s): K
By: Amy Koch, Kindergarten teacher

Children will discover how air makes things move and how different forces make things move more.



  1. Read The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins.
  2. Talk about the items that the wind blew. How hard did they think the wind had to blow to do this?
  3. Lay out the paper. Give each child a straw.
  4. Put two blobs of paint on each child's paper.
  5. Have them blow through their straws to mix the color and watch it move.
  6. After each child is done let the paint dry, and then have them cut out their favorite item that the wind blew on their construction paper. String several of them together to make mobiles.
  7. Hang from the ceiling and watch them blow when the air or heat comes on, or when the wind blows through the windows.


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