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Wallpaper Frame
Grade Level(s): Preschool, K, 1-2
By: Debbie Haren, Preschool Teacher

Students will decorate a frame for a picture.


  • a picture frame cut out of cardboard
  • a variety of wallpaper scraps (check with your local wallpaper store for outdated wallpaper books)


  1. Decide what size and shape you want your frame to be.
  2. Cut out wallpaper from the scraps to fit around your frame.
  3. Glue the scraps of wallpaper onto your cardboard frame.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Put a picture in it.


You can put a piece of magnetic tape on the back and put it on your refrigerator! It can also be made into a stand-up one by putting on a cardboard back with hot glue.

Editor's note: This idea was edited for clarity.


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