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Grade Level(s): K, 1-2
By: Amy Marie Kuklis, Special Education Teacher

Students learn about using public transportation.


After completing this lesson, students will be able to perform the following tasks with minimal difficulty; learning the rules of the different forms of transportation, such as the public bus, learn how to read the public transportation schedule, and also recognize all the possible ways of transportation.

Other Objectives:

Learn how to calculate cost, and directions, distance, and timing.


  • Bus schedule (or another form of transportation schedule)
  • Money (real or play) to figure out the costs of purchasing a ticket
  • Bus-actually take a bus trip and take the time to figure out the cost of the tickets for the distance you will be traveling.


  1. The teacher will teach the rules of using many different types of transportation, teach the children what is free to ride, and which of the items you must pay to travel on.
  2. The children will learn different ways to get from one place to another, and can also recognize places they have already learned about in there neighborhood. It should be pointed out that transportation does not only have to consist on a motor vechicle, but it can also be walking or riding a bike.


The assessment could be done as a class, by asking the students the different forms of transportation, and what you would have to do to use that particular type of transportation and the rules that would follow. For example, teaching them the rules about bike riding, such as wearing a helmet, and where you are and are not allowed to ride your bike.This lesson was taken from a unit plan on The Neighborhood.

Please feel free to visit it at amykuklis.homepage.com.


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