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Grade Level(s): 1-2
By: Linda, 2nd Grade Teacher

Can actually be used for any grade working on basic math facts.


  • Chalkboard
  • chalk
  • eraser
  • can also be done with paper/pencil


Divide class into 3-5 teams depending on number of students. 6/team is good. Draw appropriate number of T's on the blackboard about 12"-18" high. First person on each team goes to board. Teacher says 4 numbers and students write them on the left side of the T. Teachers then gives operation (+, -, X, divide) and a fifth number to be written at top of T. Students then work problems, writing answers on other side of T. First to get all correct gets point for team.

6 |
8 |
3 |
5 |


This is a game that I learned from a veteran teacher many years ago. Now I as a veteran, I pass it on to others.

Copyright 1999 by Linda Allen. All Rights Reserved.


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