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Making a Step Book or Layer Book
Grade Level(s): K ,1-2, 3-5
By: Debbie Haren, Preschool Teacher

Step books can be used for all subjects such as Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. The possibilities are endless.


  • sheets of white copy paper
  • stapler
  • scissors


  1. Take 3 pieces of paper and hold them so that each piece of paper is about an inch lower then the one before it.
  2. Then, take all three pages and fold them in the middle of the first page. This should give you a book with pages that stick out like tabs.
  3. Now you can either leave the layered book this size and shape or you can staple it together at the crease and then cut it in half making two smaller books.
  4. The tab parts at the bottom of the books should be used for headings. Some examples:
    • (1) Beginning, Middle, and End of a book.
    • (2) Characters, plot and setting.
    • (3) Conflict, Resolution, Title, Climax, and Ending.
    • (4) ETC!
  5. The part of the page which is not sticking out can be illustrated or written on to go with the tab.


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