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Spanish Days of the Week/Counting
Grade Level(s): K, 1-2, 3-5
By: Christopher Murray, Second Grade Teacher

Students will learn the names for the days of the week and learn to count to 31.


Students will learn the names for the days of the week and learn to count to 31.


  • Calendar


I teach most of my Spanish lessons during calendar time. It's an informal time we spend every morning on the floor by the classroom calendar. To teach the names for the days of the week, I start on the first day of school. We learn the name for that day and then use it through out the day. Once we have learned the names for all 7 days, I start by asking the students "Today is?" Then we do "Yesterday was?" and then "Tomorrow will be?"

We also start counting using the calendar. I wouldn't start this until the beginning of a month. We learn the name for each number as the day comes. The we count up to that number. I usually only go to 31, but students will beg to go farther. My class last year was able to count past 100 by the end of the year. Also, because of Sesame Street, many of the students could already count to at least 10.

  • Monday = Lunes
  • Tuesday = Martes
  • Wednesday = Miercoles
  • Thursday = Jueves
  • Friday = Viernes
  • Saturday = Sabado
  • Sunday = Domingo

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