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Cards/Positive Reinforcement
Grade Level(s): K, 1-2, 3-5
Submitted by: divey

My discipline procedure may sound a bit confusing, but I absolutely love it AND it is very concrete for assigning citizenship grades...

  1. Each child is given a set of cards (2X3)put together with a library ring.Each set contains a green/blue/yellow/orange/red card.
  2. When a child forgets/breaks a rule, they move their card to the next color. A blue card is a warning...a yellow card is 10 minutes off recess...an orange card is 20 minutes off of recess and a red card is all recess and a student composed note home to the parents (signed by me/and returned the next day signed by parent)
  3. At the end of the day we do "cards". I make a calendar for each child and reduce it so as to put 4 calendars on a page. I also, before copying, put a key at the bottom of the calendar assigning each of our 4 rules a number. I ask each child what color their card is, and if it's green, they get a star for that day. If it's a different color they receive a % on their calendar (blue:4/5...yellow: 3/5....orange: 2/5 and red: 1/5) and then have the child tell me which rule they forgot and then I note it on their calendar with the number from the key. (VERY good for having children remember their actions for when they get home!)
  4. At the end of the week, I put their average (?/25 points) on Saturday and that is their citizenship grade for the week!
  5. When the student gets 5 stars on their calendar (5 stars TOTAL..not 5 in a row) I circle that star and they get...
    *a treat from the treat jar
    *a happy note home
    *they put a card with their name
    on it in a basket/pocket chart
    and they start over the next day. Each set of 5 stars is rewarded
  6. When EVERYONE'S name card is in the basket/pocket chart, the class decides upon a class reward (popcorn, extra 10 minutes at recess, babysit my beanie babies, etc...) and then we start all over!
  7. At the end of each month, I send home their behavior calendars (making sure to note on their new calendars how many stars they've earned toward their next
  8. The parents can then, not only see their child's behavior for the past month, but also the rules they forgot and when misbehavior occurred. WONDERFUL documentation when having to discuss behavior with parents!

I have found that with this system, my class becomes VERY supportive of the children who move their cards and encourage them to remember the rules. Usually, before too long into the school year, children will begin to cheer when someone earns five stars, and when someone has been struggling to get that 5 all month...the cheers are awesome when they get their stars. Does wonders to encourage good behavior!!!!!!!



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