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Silly Kindergarten
Grade Level(s): K
By: Amanda Post

After reading Silly Sally by Audrey Wood, students will create a silly book of "s" words that rhyme with their names.


  • Silly Sally by Audrey Wood
  • 9x12 construction paper for each student; plus the cover & intro page
  • people shapes
    I use the boy & girl shapes on pages 34-35 from the September Monthly Idea Book (Preschool-Kindergarten) by Mailbox. I reduce them to fit on the page more nicely.
  • markers/crayons for illustrating


  1. Read Silly Sally by Audrey Wood
  2. Tell the class we are going to write a book called Silly Kindergarten.
  3. The book starts, "Silly Kindergarten went to town, walking backwards, upside down. Their names were..." Each student will have a page with an illustration and silly name.
  4. First, they will take scratch paper and write their name in the story. Silly S______. (The name will be the "s" word that rhymes with his or her name. For example: Silly Courtney would be Silly Sourtney. Silly Ashley would be Silly Sashley.) This line can later by recopied onto the page in neat writing, or typed on the computer, printed, and pasted on.
  5. Then, they will need to illustrate themselves. Each person shape can have faces & clothing drawn on, cut out, and pasted on the page backwards or upside down.
  6. As children are finishing their illustrations, you can have them copy their silly name onto their pages, or come to the computer to type their final copy.
  7. Working on the computer is a great opportunity to introduce keyboarding skills such as:
    • Using "Shift" to make a name start with a capital letter
    • Using "Enter" to move to the next line
    • Using the spacebar to make a space
    • Finding letters on the keyboard to write
    • Using the print icon to print
  8. Finally, after each child has pasted on his or her picture and added his or her silly name, the pages can be bound into a book and read aloud to the class (by the teacher or students).


When we do this activity, we have already experimented with rhyming words with our names before. It is good to reinforce reading and writing of rhyming words. They love to read this book during free reading time!


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