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Musical Chairs Review Lesson Plan
Grade Level(s): Preschool, K, 1-2
By: Christine Shenocker, Five Towns College Grad Stude

A fun and exciting way for your students to review what they have recently learned by playing musical chairs.


  • Children will identify letters, shapes, sight words, vocabulary words (you can use this for whatever lesson you have just completed).
  • Children will for vocabulary words give a brief meaning of the word.


Paper, markers, chairs and music


  1. Place chairs in a cirle.
  2. On each chair have a piece of paper with a different letter, shape, sight word or a vocabulary word that you have just completed teaching your class.
  3. Instruct the children to move from chair to chair when the music starts.
  4. When the music stops, have each child stop and face the chair they are in front of. Each child will have a turn to say what is on the paper and than we play again.


This is a fun way for your students to review what they are learning. I use this review in my Pre-K class with letters. I call it the ABC Musical Chair Game. The children get excited to play and this motivates them to learn the letters that they may have trouble recognizing.


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