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Schoolroom Squares Game Show
Grade Level(s): 9-12
By: Lisa Rose, 9-12 English Teacher

A "Hollywood Squares" style review game, for Literature, or any other subject.


  • At least 11 students, nine for "squares", and 2 "contestants."
  • Questions about topic, made by you and the students.
  • 9 x and o cards (Construction paper will work) Each card has a large "X" on one side and "O" on the other.


  1. First, I have the kids come up with several questions about the topics covered in class (ex. Blank is the author of "The Canterbury Tales") Plus, I always have a few on hand.
  2. Next, nine kids are chosen as the squares. They are in front of the room. Three are sitting in chairs, three stand behind them, and the last three stand on chairs behind everybody.
  3. For the contestants, you could have teams for each letter, or single students, whatever works best for your class.
  4. I also select a "secret square" ahead of time.

The game is played as the tv show. Students call on squares, and the host (the teacher) asks the questions. Students supply the right or wrong answer, and the contestant decides to agree or disagree. A correct answer awards an x or o to the team. Object, to make a tic tac toe.


I have tried this with 10th and 9th graders and they love it. Sometimes it is hard for them to give a wrong answer on purpose, they blurt out the right answer without even thinking!! A word of caution: As host you have to keep the game on track, or the celebrity jokes, and banter takes over, as the kids want to be just like the tv show. If you try this let me know how this goes, please. Copyright (c) 1999. Lisa Rose. All Rights Reserved.


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