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Rocks Are Different Colors, Lesson 2 - Rocks Unit
Grade Level(s): K, 1-2
By: Jane, Kindergarten Teacher

Examine different rocks and find the many different colors in each and then compare these rocks with other rocks.


  • plastic bowls
  • water
  • rock collection
  • crayons
  • worksheet with rocks that look as if they are in an egg carton
  • paper towels


I begin by asking the class how rocks are different. They usually answer by size because we did a sizing lesson previously. We then brainstorm other ways. I ask if they have every found a rock that was a pretty color. All hands go up! I then ask how many colors a rock can be and we begin to experiment to find out.

  1. First they look at their rock collection and tell me the colors they see.
  2. They then put each rock in the bowl of water. "Did the rock change colors? Can you see the color better?"
  3. We then dry our rocks and put them back into the egg carton.
  4. I instruct the children to take their worksheet and color each rock the same color(s) as theirs.
  5. Go to next lesson, Some Rocks are Heavier Than Others


At the end of the lesson, I ask what happened when they put their rocks into the water. I ask if anyone had a rock with ___color(s), and how many different colors a rock had. We then prepare a graph of colors to see what the most frequent color was.

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