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Making a Rock Collection, Lesson 1 - Rocks Unit
Grade Level(s): K, 1-2
By: Jane, Kindergarten Teacher

To present the concept, Rocks Can Be Different Sizes.


  • egg cartons
  • masking tape
  • black marking pen
  • construction paper
  • rocks - assorted colors and sizes
  • prepared worksheet with different sized rocks drawn on it


  1. Make a chart of what we know about rocks, what we would like to know about rocks, and lastly, what we learned about rocks. This last will be the last lesson in the lesson.
  2. Each child should have an egg carton. They put one rock in each hole.
  3. The children will sort the rocks by size.
  4. The children then cut apart their worksheet and paste these rocks onto a sheet of construction paper, smallest to largest.
  5. Go to next lesson: Rocks Are Many Different Colors.


Children always enjoy collecting rocks. And they love to show their teacher and friends the rocks they have. I ask each child to bring in rocks one day and we examine everyone's and talk about them. I also have my own and make sure each child has the same number before we begin our unit.

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