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Repetition and Prediction
Grade Level(s): K
By: Amy Koch, kindergarten teacher

Use If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and other books by Laura Numeroff to make a class book, cook, predict, and sequence!


To learn how to predict the sequence of a repeating story.


Books - by Laura Numeroff


  1. I use these stories for a unit on prediction and repetition. We do this over several days. After each book we talk about the text and while reading I have the students predict what the character is going to do next.
  2. To add excitment, I cook after each book. With the Pig--pancakes; the Mouse--chocolate chip cookies; and the Moose--muffins.
  3. After all the stories are read, we make a class book entitled, "If you give a Kindergartener.."

I let the children brainstorm on how they want to finish the sentence and I continue from there. The story has to make sense and each child is assigned to follow another child in the story line. So, they work together and become authors of a new book. The big quest is for the story to make sense! They love it. Their minds are working non stop.


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