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Rainbow Book
Grade Level(s): Preschool, K
By: Debbie Haren, Preschool Teacher

To learn about different types of weather.


  • Blue Glue
  • snow flakes made out of paper
  • pieces of paper rolled up into a ball
  • watercolors
  • green and yellow construction paper
  • The book needs to be stabled together for each child and the word name at the bottom of each title page.


Put together an example book with this set up:

Title page: My Rainbow Book

1st Page: Rainbow Rainbow what do you see?(top of page) I see a thunderstorm coming at me(bottom of page)

2nd page: Thunder storm thunderstorm What do you see?(top) I see clouds blowing by me.(bottom of page)

3rd Page: Clouds, Clouds what do you see? (top) I see hail falling on me(bottom of page)

4th Page: Hail Hail What do you see(top) I see a flower smiling at me(top) Flower Flower what do you see?(bottom of page)

5th page: I see the sunshine warming me(top)

  • Page 1: Use watercolors to make a rainbow on this page.
  • Page 2: Use pieces of Aluminum foil to make thunder.
  • Page 3: Use cotton for clouds on this page.
  • Page 4: Roll up small pieces of white paper into small balls.
  • Page 5: Use green construction paper for the leaves and yellow to make the top of the flower.
  • Page 6: Use yellow construction paper and pipe cleaners for the sun rays.


Do this project in about three days. Try to do about 2 pages a day. The kids really enjoy doing this and taking it home and reading it to their parents!


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