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Rain Forest
Grade Level(s): 3-5
By: Elaine, 4th Grade Teacher

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce the students to three aspects of the rain forest: people, animals, and life.


  • TLW describe the people, animals and life that exist. PI: Students will conduct an investigation to learn about the people, animals, and life in the rain forest. Students will discuss their findings in small groups. (small group assessment)
  • TLW describe the purposes and changes that the rainforest has undergone. PI: Given the findings on the people, animals, and life of rain forests, students will determine changes caused by the aforementioned items. In addition, students will research to find the main purpose of the rain forest. (large/small group assessment)
  • TLW summarize one aspect of the flora and fauna of the rain forest. PI: Each student will choose one aspect, write a summary to share with the class. (individual assessment)


  • Computer w/ Internet access for each student
  • Large class chart/markers for writing
  • Collection of informational/narrative books on the rain forest
  • Blank writing paper for students
  • Pictures of rain forest
  • Websites
  • Activity sheet (directions)


Intro Activity:

For the past few days we have been learning about the rain forest. We talked about the environment and inhabitants of the rain forest. What kinds of people, animals, and life exist in the rain forest? Take 5-7 minutes to discuss what you think in your learning groups. Recorders, write down the ideas. Begin.

Teacher circulates among groups to facilitate idea development. After 5-7 minutes, teacher calls attention at the chalkboard. As students volunteer their ideas, teacher writes them on the board organized by animals, people, and other life.

Internet Group Activity and Story:

T: Now we are going to do an Internet research activity to learn more about the people, animals, and life in the rain forest.

Teacher will provide students with several appropriate Websites to begin their research. Websites are as follows:

After students are given the web addresses, they will begin their research to learn more about the people, animals, and life of the rain forest. In a combination with this research, students will also need to find information regarding population, climate, economy, food, and culture of each area that has a rain forest.

Teacher will read At Home in the Rain Forest by Diane Willow. After reading the story, teacher will guide a discussion about the story and have students share whether or not they learned anything new from the book that they did not find during their Internet research.

After the discussion is complete, students will share their findings with the class. The class will be responsible for listening and asking questions, while the presenters will be responsible for sharing and answering questions to the best.


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