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Read Aloud Trivia
Grade Level(s): Preschool, K
By: Bunny Dimmel, Pre-K Teacher

To increase their memory and encourage group participation.


  • Books read throughout the year.


From the very first day I read the class stories, we sit and discuss things that are important, things that they remember about the story. I put an agreed upon thought on a 3x5 and drop them in a lunch bag. I do this daily.

In a few days, I ask them to come play Trivia with me, and I get the lunch bag and have one of them reach in for a question. Since they helped with the information, it is something they remember, and they love to shout out the answer.

As the year progresses, the bag gets fuller, and sometimes they shout to "ask us all of them." It is a great way for them to remember things about their favorite stories, participate in class, and achieve instant results.


We play this waiting for a bus for a field trip, when we are eating a snack together, when they are having a meal, or at the end of the day.


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