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Using Creative Dramatics With the Teaching of Poetry
Grade Level(s): 3-5
By: Tracy, 4/5 Teacher

To help students develop an appreciation for poetry. Also, this activity will assist students in the process of creating meaning from poetry.


  • various poems of your choice


  1. Divide the class into different groups, and give each group a different poem. This activity might be suitable as a starter acitivity before actually beginning a unit on poetry.
  2. Each group will then read their selections, and try to pull meaning from the poem. After the groups have their ideas together, they will each pick one stanza from their given poem, and develop a skit to be presented to the entire class. They must try to convey their ideas about the poem as they act out their skit.
  3. Presentation of skits. Each group will include the following:
    • A choral reading of the poem
    • A short discussion about the poem - What is the poem about? Did your group enjoy the poem? Why, why not? What is the author trying to tell his/her audience? Hidden message? Is there anything that you did not understand?


Many of my grade five students did not enjoy poetry before this activity. Nonetheless, after this lesson, many informed me that they actually enjoyed themselves and learned a great deal from this activity.


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