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Pilgrims' Thanksgiving Turkey
Grade Level(s): K, 1-2
By: Gillian Pilcher, Special Education Teacher

I used this activity in the afternoon to review the morning discussion on the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving.


Recall facts from lesson. Write complete sentences.


  • writing paper- cut into sentence strips with 2 or three lines.
  • construction paper- (brown,red,yellow,orange)
  • pencils
  • final copy writing paper


  1. Precut turkey shapes and feathers.
  2. The students write 4-5 sentences about the Pilgrims and/or Thanksgiving on the thin primary writing paper.
  3. I check the sentences, and the students make any corrections they need to, then they rewrite the sentences on nicer writing paper.
  4. I like to make my own lines, but use copy paper for the quality.
  5. I also precut this paper and use fancy scissors to trim around the edges.
  6. The students then glue their sentences to the feathers. We use the practice paper to "stuff" the turkey bodies.
  7. I staple the bodies closed, and we glue or staple the feathers with the sentences to the back.


I did much of the cutting prior to the activity, it still took about an hour to do with my physically disabled students. Before writing sentences, we reviewed aloud our morning discussion.


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