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Hands-on Outdoor ABCs
Grade Level(s): Preschool
By: E A CYR, parent

Gather outdoor items on a walk, discuss, and make your own book!


Children learn about ABCs, different things about the outdoors, colors, textures, shapes.


  • construction paper
  • glue
  • shoe box
  • string ( for binding book)


  1. In the fall, go outside with the children and ask them (with your help) to gather different things that start with different letters.
  2. Place these items in a shoe box then return inside.
  3. Talk about what you found: colors, textures, letters, etc.
  4. Then, glue them onto construction paper and make a book for looking at later.

Hints: If things are brittle, do not use them. If leaves are in color, the best way to preserve them is by ironing them with wax paper.


Children love hands-on activities they feel more involved, more like they did it, being outside helps them develop their imagination.

Editor's Note: The Ziploc Bag Book would be very appropriate for this activity so you don't have to worry about things staying glued on.


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