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Dress Up the Turkey
Grade Level(s): K
By: Amanda, kindergarten teacher

We have a turkey on our classroom door that needs to be dressed.


  • 20" circle made of poster board
  • brown paper sacks
  • poster board cut in the shape of turkey feather (use different lengths)
  • Glue
  • A letter home to parents


Prior to the class coming to school for the day, you need to make your turkey...

Tear the brown paper sacks into pieces. Then glue the pieces to your poster board circle. Make sure to make it look like a turkey, except don't put any tail feathers on it. Your children will become curious upon entering your classroom.

At the end of the day, send them home with two white poster board turkey feathers, and a note telling your parents about the bird. Ask the parents to help their child in decorating their feathers. Encourage them to use things from home like noodles, glitter, cereal, buttons, etc.

You will be surprised what your students and parents come up with. As the children finish their feathers and bring them back to school you will have a wonderful looking turkey. It is something the children, parents and you will enjoy.

Have Fun!


I am a first year teacher. I like doing things in my room that involve both the children and their parents. I had so much fun with this "naked" turkey, I wanted to share the idea.


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