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Musical Chairs Trivia
Grade Level(s): 9-12
By: Heather, Sixth Grade Teacher

Based on the childhood game of "Musical Chairs" students will answer questions based on specific subject areas (excellent game when reviewing for a test).


  • CD/casssete player
  • Teacher made or student made trivia questions


  1. Based on the game of musical chairs, there will be one less chair than students to start the game.
  2. Have the music playing while they are going around the room. When the music stops, each student must find a chair.
  3. The student who is standing must answer the trivia question (based on the subject or lesson you are teaching). They have 10 seconds to answer the question. If they answer it incorrectly, they remain out, and the game will resume with one less chair than students. If the student answers the question correctly, he/she may choose anyone else who is sitting and take their place.
  4. The game continues like this until one person is remaining.


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