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Incredible Equations - Math Calendar Activity
Grade Level(s): K
By: Amy, Kindergarten Teacher

Students explore math equations using addition and subtraction.


  • large index cards
  • bingo chips
  • candies (m&m's, marshmallows, cheerios, etc)


  1. Draw a box on the index card where the first number would be then the plus sign, then another box for second number then equals sign.
  2. On the back, do the same but use subtraction.
  3. Laminate cards

I use this activity with calendar.

  1. I take the day of the month..for example today is the 9th.
  2. I give the children an addition card along with 9 (or whatever day) items. Marshmallows, cereal, etc...
  3. The children separate the items into two groups putting some in one box and the other in the next. I then have the kids tell me their math problem. Example...five marshmallows in the first box, four in the next. They tell me 5+4=9.
  4. I then write the problem on the board where I have the title incredible equations and the number nine circled (or whatever number).


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