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Match the Caption
Grade Level(s): 6-8
By: Stacey, Year 6 Teacher (Australia)

Students identify captions from newspaper pictures. They create their own and learn how a caption influences readers.


  • Newspapers with lots of pictures
  • Notice board or poster board to attach picture


  1. Students select a picture and its matching caption.
  2. Paste picture on a piece of paper and give to teacher (so other children don't know who it belongs to).
  3. Paste original caption into work book and create 4 new captions that would suit the photo. (It's important that the children don't read the article as you can later get them to write a new article to match the picture).
  4. Choose the best caption and write on a piece of paper. Mix up and redistribute among the class.
  5. Students then try to match the caption to the picture. Sometimes two captions may suit the one so this is where the discussion come in. Give the class the vote for which suits best.
  6. As a follow up students write an article based on the picture.


This worked really well and the kids enjoyed creating their own articles, which they later used in the production of their own newspaper.


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