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Making Books: Ziploc Bag Book
Grade Level(s): Preschool, K, 1-2
By: Amanda Post, A to Z Teacher Stuff

Making ziploc bag books.


  • Ziploc bags - you'll need one for each page of your book
  • Stapler
  • Items to create your story - paper,
  • cutouts, objects, etc.


  1. Take the Ziploc bags and place them together so that they are all turned the same direction.
  2. Staple them together along the bottom side of the bags. (The opening should be free to zip and unzip, and you should be able to turn the bags like pages in a book.)
  3. Each bag will probably need to have a piece of paper inside to make a background. You can write your story directly on the piece of paper, and you can also paste on pictures, leaves, sticks... anything to illustrate your book.
  4. After you have the pages of the book finished, the Ziplocs can be zipped, and walah! you have a personal book with protected pages.


I remember this activity being done with my niece during a Parents as Teachers visit. The parent educator encouraged her family to make a picture book of familiar things and faces that they could "read" together.


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