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Making Apple Trees
Grade Level(s): K
By: Amy, Kindergarten Teacher

The students will use apple theme to learn about math (or Johnny Appleseed theme) and practice rote counting.


The students will:
  • use apple theme to learn about math (or Johnny Appleseed theme)
  • practice rote counting.


  • Red tissue paper
  • several small sticks with some branches going out
  • green playdough
  • clear plastic cups with the saying on them "I looked up and what did I see, _____ apples looking at me."
  • glue


  1. After completing all of our numbers, I let the children pick their favorite number and tell me what it is. I write it on the board by their name.
  2. I then give each child a plastic cup.
  3. They take a ball of green playdough and push it into the bottom of the cup (grass). The dough needs to be pretty thick on the bottom of the cup.
  4. I then give them each a twig to stick into the playdough.
  5. I give them each some red tissue and tell them to wad up however many little balls they need to have as many as their favorite number.
  6. Then they glue the tissue balls to twigs.
  7. I come around and let them tell me again how may apples they have in their tree and I write the number in the spot on the sentence.

This is a good activity for counting and sensory. They then have their own apple trees to take home.


This lesson goes with Apples and Counting.

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