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The Letters Are Lost by Lisa Campbell Ernst
Grade Level(s): K
By: Mandy Wallace

Students will be able to recognize letters of the alphabet and be able to identify an item that begins with a letter.



  1. Read the book to the class telling them to pay close attention to where the letters have gone.
  2. During each letter be sure the students can recognize that each objects begins with that specific letter, such as airplane begins with A.
  3. At the end of the story it says "Soon the blocks will begin to disappear once more. Can you guess where they might go?" This is where the discussion begins.
  4. Discuss where each child thinks a letter might disappear to making sure the students understand that the places they disappear to correspond with that letter. Perhaps they might find the letter A in an apple tree this time.
  5. Have students choose a letter on their own or even out of a hat, and have them create their own picture of where the lost letter is.
  6. Another idea is creating a classroom book using this concept.


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