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King Arthur's Family Tree
Grade Level(s): 9-12
By: Amy Mills, Teaches 9-12 primarily 10 English

This lesson/activity can accompany a unit on the Legend of King Arthur. This activity tracks the genealogy of the legendary king before his birth OR after.


  • Internet access
  • a set of encyclopedias
  • poster board
  • construction paper
  • markers

Prior to beginning the lesson, it is helpful to find several Arthurian sites on the Internet for your students to help cut the time searching.


  1. In this activity, using books and the Internet, research King Arthur's family. Create a poster size color family tree or King Arthur and his relatives.
  2. Your tree may begin with Arthur at the base, end with Arthur in the branches, or show Arthur in the middle.
  3. This activity shows Arthur's relation to other key figures within the legend.

Many students will need to have the concept of geneology explained.


Many of my students choose this project, thinking that it will be easy, but it is not. It is not impossible, but it takes a dedicated and determined student to tackle it. Many students who do take on the challenge find it difficult to track down the names of women and mothers in the tree.

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