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Jacket I Wear In the Snow - My Dream Jacket
Grade Level(s): 1-2
By: Debbie, First Grade Teacher

Students write about their dream jacket, then create it!




Before doing this activity, I send a note home to the parents telling them that we will be creating a paper "dream jacket" - and ask them to send in any items they may have at home to help - examples are buttons, old zippers, ribbon, lace, pieces of material (kids love to use small squares to make hoods!), sequins, decals, cotton balls, pompoms, etc. We also talk about sharing the things they bring in, and they really are good about doing this!

Writing Activity:
  • The students first use an organizer to tell about a jacket they would like. We talk about the color, things that would be on their jacket, etc. (zippers, pockets, sports numbers, hood, etc.), where they would wear their jacket, why they would like it.
  • The students then write about the jacket they will make, using their organizer.
  • The next day, they reread what they wrote, and then decorate a big cut-out pattern of a jacket, using the writing activity as their guide. I also have used glitter and glue for them to put their name or initials on their jacket (glitter-glue pens work great!)


    This is really a fun activity! The students have a great time thinking about what they want to put on their jacket and then creating it. When they are finished, I glue or staple their writing on the back of their jacket, and then they read it to a partner to see if their jacket looks like what they wrote! We then take a walk around some other classrooms to show off our jackets!


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