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It's Alive
Grade Level(s): K
By: Amy, Kindergarten Teacher

Living vs. nonliving, and what they need to live.


Part 1 Objectives:
  • concept of living objects vs. nonliving
  • what do living things need to stay alive
Part 2 Objectives
  • concept of living objects vs. non living
  • what do living things need to stay alive


Part 1 Materials
  • Title page for class book: It's Alive
  • Page two - Its a living thing because.......
  • 1 blank page with place for illustration and words for each child
Part 2 Materials


Part 1 Activity
  1. Discuss what is alive and what types of things are not. What does a living thing need? What would happen if living things did not get the things they needed?
  2. Tell each child to pick their favorite living thing.
  3. Illustrate it on the top of the page.
  4. After illustration, write why it is a living thing. Example: "it eats." The child's simple page completes the sentence on page 2: "It's a living thing because..."
  5. This is a simple activity that will help build word formation and writing skills.
  6. You can flip the book over and on the other side do the opposite. "Its not alive because..." You would then have two books in one!
Part 2 Activity
  1. Continue discussion on living vs. nonliving. Read the book, The Berenstain Bears Grow It, and talk about what the plants in Farmer Ben's garden need to continue growing. What plants are grown on a farm?
  2. Plant a bean with each child. Take care of the plants and see what happens. Chart their growth, when watered, how much sun they received, etc.
  3. Perform an experiment with another plant by not giving it water or sunlight, etc.
  4. Talk about the differences between the plants that were taken care of and the one that was not. Put the results on a chart.


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