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Ice Cream Colors
Grade Level(s): K
By: Amy Fesler, Kindergarten Teacher

This is a great motivational tool as students learn their colors, as well as a nice classroom, bulletin board, or hallway decoration!


Students will recognize colors and color words.


  • Brown construction paper ice cream cones (for everyone in the class)
  • Ice cream scoops of all the other basic colors or more


  1. During this learning activity, read several color books. There are a ton out there. Who Said Red, A Rainbow of my Own, etc.
  2. You may choose to focus on a new color each week starting with brown. the student will get to put up the ice cream cone when he or she learns brown.
  3. For each additional color the child learns, add a new ice cream scoop to the cone.
  4. When all students have learned all their colors and color words, have an ice cream party!


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