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The House That Drac Built Haunted Houses
Grade Level(s): Preschool, K
By: Amy Koch, Kindergarten Teacher

Build a haunted house out of a paper bag, shapes cut out of construction paper--attach the childs address--helps in learning their address.


  • The House That Drac Built
  • 1 lunch bag for each student
  • large square for roof
  • different shapes for decorating
  • newspaper or something for stuffing bags
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  1. Have each child decorate their haunted house.
  2. Have them draw on it, use shapes, add ghost etc...
  3. When the child is finished decorating their house stuff with paper and attach roof by folding square in half and stapling to the top of the bag.
  4. Write the child's name and address on the roof.
  5. When the child learn their address, they may take home their haunted house.


This lesson can be done with the book--The Little House, A House is a House for Me, etc... I reinforce shapes, the letter H, and colors with this project. The kids love it.


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