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Folktale Unit: The Princess and the Golden Shoes
Grade Level(s): 1-2, 3-5
By: Debbie Haren, Preschool Teacher

Language Arts activities to go with the story The Princess and the Golden Shoes.


  • To help students learn variations to classic folktales.
  • To learn what a folktale is and why they were so popular many years ago.
  • To practice writing skills for writing a letter and writing to an author.


  • The tale: The Princess and The Golden Shoes
  • Map or Globe
  • Dictionary
  • Step book with nothing in it yet


    1. Discuss with the students that they are about to read a book that originates in the country of Scotland.
    2. Have students gather around a map or globe and have some students come up and try to find Scotland.
    3. Ask the students if they have ever been to Scotland or knew someone who was from Scotland.
    4. Read the story The Princess and the Golden Shoes to the class.
    5. Talk to the children about the word perplexed in the story and ask if anyone knows what it means?
    6. Also see if anyone can explain what the word niche means to the class.
    7. The last vocabulary word in the book to talk about is scheme. How was it used in the story? Who had a scheme? What was the scheme?
    8. Have children do a layer book about the beginning, middle and end of this story. They may work in pairs if they want to.
    1. The cruelty of the Queen to the Princess.
    2. The differences in the henwife's daughter and what she used it to do?
    3. Who brought the Princess food?
    4. What happened when the Queen found out?
    5. Where did the queen hide Cinderella when the Prince came with the shoe?
    6. What did the bird tell the Prince?
    7. Did you like the story?
    8. How was it different then the Cinderella you have read before?
    9. Name all the characters in the book and put them on the back of your step book.

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