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Flat Stanley
Grade Level(s): 1-2
By: Rissie Sharpe, 2nd grade teacher

The students will study geography of the United States, as well as learn to write friendly letters.


  • Map of the United States
  • Paper to write letters
  • Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown
  • Family addresses from other states
  • Poster to create their own Flat Stanley
  • Crayons, markers, and a great imagination


The entire lesson takes a week. The correspondence part should/could take all year.

  1. The students will read the story and discuss.
  2. The students will learn the parts of a friendly letter.
  3. The class will create their own Flat Stanley out of poster board, markers,and crayons.
  4. As a class, we will send our Flat Stanley to family members in different states.
  5. They will create an imaginary adventure for Flat Stanley. This could include pictures, video tapes, and should include a letter about his adventure.
  6. The class will map out where he is sent. I put the states on our class map so they can see.

You can make and send as many different Flat Stanleys as your class wants. I put where each Flat Stanley is sent on the back, so we can see where each Flat Stanley has been sent. You can expand this idea. We have sent our Flat Stanley to eight states and have received some excellent feedback. Enjoy!


I have been teaching for eight years. I am the mother of five year old twins. I feel like teaching is my gift.I truly enjoy doing my job!!!


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