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Oh No Dentist Day
Grade Level(s): K
By: Amy, Kindergarten teacher

The students will explore their feelings about their first visit to the dentist. The students will then write and illustrate their experience.


  • Book - Fang the Dentist by Mark Thaler
  • Writing and illustration paper for each child


  1. Ask the children about their first visit to the Dentist. How did they feel? Explore those feelings. How does it feel to be scared, nervous and any other feelings?
  2. Read the book listed above. Talk about the little boys fears if they were right. Talk about imagination. Have they ever imagined anything that didn't turn out to be so bad?
  3. Have the children write a two sentence story about their first visit to the Dentist. Illustrate. Hang out in the hall under the caption "Dentist Day."


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