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Dandelion by Don Freeman
Grade Level(s): K, 1-2
By: Mandy Wallace

Students will be able to understand why being themselves is most important by listening to and discussing the book.


  • Dandelion by Don Freeman
  • orange yarn
  • crayons, markers
  • wiggle eyes
  • stems and leaves
  • small round paper plate


  1. Read the story.
  2. During the story ask the students how they would feel if they were Dandelion when Jennifer Giraffe shuts the door on him.
  3. After the rain, does Dandelion look more like he did at the beginning of the book?
  4. After the book here some more questions to ask.
  5. What does dandelion find under the steps?
  6. Why does Dandelion say at the end of the book "From now on I will just be plain me."
  7. Why does Jennifer Giraffe let Dandelion in the second time?
  8. Make a "Dandelion"
  9. Use a flower stem and leaves and paste the leaves to the stem.
  10. Make a lion face on the paper plate. Use yarn for mane and some wiggle eyes.
  11. Attach the paper plate to the stem. Use as a bulletin board or have dandelions growing in a garden.


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