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Curious George in the Snow
Grade Level(s): K
By: Amy Koch, kindergarten teacher

We read the book and talk about the children's sledding experiences. What kinds of inventions would they make for better sledding? Then we make a sled ornament.


  • Curious George in the Snow
  • 1 wooden sled - (You can pick these up at craft stores or make them with popsicle sticks.)
  • Paint
  • 5" of yellow cording per child


  1. We read the book and discuss the things listed above.
  2. After our brains have thought all they can, we paint our sleds.
  3. When they dry, we hot glue the gold cording to form a hanger on the back side of the sled.
  4. I then give the children a small black sharpie and have them write their name and Kindergarten 1999 (or whatever year it is) on the back.
  5. Parents tell me they still hang their ornaments up ever year.
  6. After we have completed this I then give the kids a piece of writing paper with a spot for illustration. I let them write about their sled invention and draw a picture.


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