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Budgeting Makes a Difference!
Grade Level(s): 9-12
By: Micky, High School Teacher

Students are given different amounts of money to see if they can figure out a budget and compare and contrast what life is like now with a child and what life would be like if they were older and had someone else to help them raise a child.


  • List of budgeted items need to run a household
  • PowerPoint
  • paper
  • Internet if they want to look up ideas.


  1. Students review what is necessary to maintain a house with a family or alone as a single parent. If they choose to be single they are given $800.00/month for a salary and they must include all living expenses for themselves and their child. If they choose to be older when they have a better job then they are given $1500/month for three people: two adults and a child and figure out all the expenses for this family.
  2. Students must prepare a typed list of expenses and be close to accurate for a good grade.
  3. Students must gather all information and put it together into a PowerPoint presentation for the class to see.
  4. The more creative and accurate they are and the closest to the truth for all expenses the better the grade.


I am a high school health and technology teacher at a technology high school and I have been teaching for 25 years.


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