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Bubble and Squeak
Grade Level(s): 3-5
By: Trudi O'Shaughnessy, General Teacher

This unit is about increasing the children's understandings that food changes as a result of both chemical and technological processes. They will observe changes to food through observation, experimentation and cooking. The children will observe and classify everyday materials using various criteria. They identify and describe changes in materials through cooking. This is a 4 week unit.


  • CSF 1.1 Describe using appropriate language scientific explorations of the chemical physical, and natural world.
  • CSF 1.1 Identify the characteristics and uses of some of common materials.
  • CSF 1.2 Generate ideas for and processes materials to make simple products.
  • CSF 1.1 Describe what it means to be healthy and how aspects of our environment can promote health.
  • CSF 1.2 Identify the range of people, services and products that help us stay healthy and safe.
  • CSF 1.1 Listen to and produce brief spoken texts that deals with familiar ideas and information.
  • CSF1.2 Using speaking and listening appropriately for classroom situations.
  • CSF1.3 Use basic linguistic structures and features when speaking or listening in a variety of classroom situations.
  • CSF 1.1 Read and respond to simple texts with familiar content and predominantly oral language structures.
  • CSF 1.2 Compare experience and knowledge with information and ideas in texts.
  • CSF 1.3 Use some basic linguistic structures and features when reading.
  • CSF 1.4 Use a range of sources of information to make meaning from text.
  • CSF 1.1 Produce simple written texts that convey an idea or measure.
  • CSF 1.2 Identify the purpose of own and others; writing.
  • CSF 1.3 Use conventional written symbols for expressing ideas and information.
  • CSF 1.4 Use a range of ways to record ideas and information.


  1. Making of Banana Smoothies.
  2. Discussion on safety requirements.
  3. Discussion on Hygiene.
  4. Making of cup cakes.
  5. Watching and recording changes to milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter over a week.
  6. Making of butter.
  7. Sweet corn, pop corn, corn thins, cornflakes and corn chips.
  8. Making of ANZAC biscuits.
  9. Making of chocolate crackles during Literacy block.
  10. Making of pizza
  11. Making of apple pies.
  12. Making of different breads.
  13. Making of vegetable soup.

Week 1:

  • Discussions on hygiene and safety in the kitchen.
  • Make Banana Smoothies. General discussion on the taste and texture of banana smoothies.
  • Discussions on the changes to the Procedural writing of banana smoothies.
  • Make cup cakes.
  • Cloze activities.
  • STEPS; celebrations choosing the right ingredients and equipment and labeling.
  • Read Kids in the Kitchen. Discuss safety in cooking.
Week 2:
  • Discussions of the differences between the types of corn and their usage. What processes has corn undergone, why?
  • Discussions on changes to dairy products.
  • Procedural writing; Making butter. By beating with handbeater, electric beater and marbles in an cream jar. Writing changes to dairy products over two, three weeks.
Week 3:
  • Read The Doorbell Rang. Make Anzac cookies or other types of cookie. General discussions pertaining to the changes that have occurred to the ingredients and the final product.
  • Procedural writing. Making of cookies.
  • Illustrations and labeling of different pieces of equipment and ingredients.
Week 4:
  • Read Four and twenty blackbirds.
  • Dramatization. Make tarts.
  • Read Stone Soup. Make soup,
  • Procedural writing of soup.
  • Mural Four and Twenty blackbirds.
  • Labeling. Different types of flour and bread.


The children really enjoyed this unit. Many children do not have the opportunity to cook. It gave us many opportunities to read a variety of text to introduce factual text.


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