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Paint in a Baggie Art Center
Grade Level(s): Preschool, K
By: Debbie Haren, preschool teacher

To make a reusable paint baggie for a center


  • Large 2 gallon Ziplock baggies
  • 2 cups liquid washable paint
  • Tape (duct tape is best)


  1. Put the 2 cups of liquid paint into one of the Ziplock baggies.
  2. Then put that bag into another bag in order to double bag it. This is to ensure none of the paint comes out.
  3. Make sure no air is in either bag!
  4. Now take the duct tape and tape the top of the bags very tightly at the top so no paint can get out the top.
  1. Take the double bagged paint and secure it with tape onto a table.
  2. Now explain to children that this is an art table and they can use their fingers to make whatever they want in the paint and then it can be changed by just smoothing out the paint.
  3. Have children practice writing their names in the paint.
  4. Make sure they do not use their fingernails because it will rip the bags.
  5. You can change colors in the bags for holidays or make several different colors for the children to write in at the same art center.


The kids loved doing this in preschool class, but the bag was ripped very fast and it caused a big mess. That is why I decided to say do it with kindergartners and make sure you double bag it!


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