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Ocean Art
Grade Level(s): Preschool, K
By: Chris, preschool teacher

Children create an ocean picture with showing sea creatures in their habitat.


  • To create an ocean picture
  • To name/recognize ocean animals, shells


sturdy paper blue finger paint
  • sand
  • pictures of ocean creatures
  • small shells


  1. Have children finger paint entire piece of white paper.
  2. While paper is still wet, have children add sand to bottom of picture. Let dry overnight.
  3. Pass out pictures of various ocean animals. Discuss their habitat in the ocean. Their eating patterns, species, and any other topic you may have covered.
  4. Allow children to color and cut pictures and glue them to the ocean. Add small seashells and you have a wonderful creation for the children to take home.


The children really enjoyed this activity. Many of them could put the ocean animal in the proper depth area. They could also tell what species of animal it was.


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