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Nursery Rhyme Olympics
Grade Level(s): Preschool, K
By: Pleasantville Preschool Staff

Students play games based on nursery rhymes and the Olympics.


To create games for young children to play based on the current unit and learn about the Olympic games at the same time.


  • Small Cones for setting up a course
  • Burlap Bags
  • Two pails and two large water containers
  • Pie plates, metal or foil
  • Awards for each participant


Our class did a two week unit on Nursery Rhymes.

To end our unit, we did Rub a Dub Dub. We live in a small town and therefore we went on a walking field trip to the Butcher (local grocer), the Baker (a townslady that does a lot of bake goods for sale), and the Candlestick Maker (local gift store with many candles).

We then continued on to the park where we had lunch and then we had the Mother Goose Olympics.

--We had the Jack Be Nimble relay where we lined up cones about four feet apart in two lines and then separate the children into two teams. They then had to jump over the cones (candlesticks) down and back and then the next student until the last one and they were the winners.

--The Baa Baa Black Sheep relay was great fun. We had burlap bags that we put the child in, they hopped down the course and back and switched with the next in line until all done.

--The Jack and Jill relay was great fun. They had to dip their pail in the LARGE bucket of water run to the other end (don't spill it) dump the pail into another waiting bucket run back and the next one in line did the same. At the end we saw which team had the most water in the large bucket and they were the winner. The trick was not to spill water or fall down and break your crown.

--For Little Jack Horner, we had the children hold a pie plate above their head, run down the course and back handing it off to the next student and when the last one finished, that team was the winner.

Our children had a great time and they all received Mother Goose Gold Medals at the end of the day.


We had great fun and the children did too. We are a small staff (2 teachers each with an associate and 4 one on one aides) that at current has 28 students in a school based preschool program.


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