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Mother's Day Gift
Grade Level(s): Preschool
By: Maureen, nursery school teacher

Moms will love this special keepsake made out of a child's outgrown shoe.


Children make something special for Mom and learn about giving.


  • child's outgrown shoe, preferably tie shoe or sneaker
  • gold or silver spray paint or liquid gold paint
  • paintbrush
  • small 3 oz. Dixie cups for each child
  • 1 flower for each child
  • dirt for each cup


  1. Teacher may spray paint shoe in advance or children can paint with brush.
  2. Plant the flower in the cup.
  3. Place cup in the shoe.
  4. Print the child's name and date on shoe, or let the children put their own name on shoe.

They are really cute and a wonderful keepsake.


I have been doing this for 7-8 years now and the parents love it. Every year parents who had had other children in the program ask if we are going to do it because it was so special.

I am a Director of a half day nursery school program and head teacher. I am a CDA trainer, Council Rep for CDA and advisor.


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