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Letter Dance
Grade Level(s): Preschool
By: Stacey Mitchell, Kindergarten Teacher

A creative movement activity in which students explore letter shapes with their bodies.


  1. Select some calm classical music of your choice.
  2. Have students first listen to the piece you have selected.
  3. After lisening to the selection, have students identify the shape of the letter their name begins with.
  4. Discuss the fact that some letters have only straight lines and some letters have curves and some letters have both curves and lines.
  5. Have students use their arms to trace the shape of the letters with their hands.
  6. Next have students use their noses, feet, knees and whole bodies to make the shape of their letters.
  7. Put these movements to music and have students select the body parts they want to use to make the shape of their letters. Variations include have students trace the letters backwards.


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