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Experimenting with Colors
Grade Level(s): Preschool, K
By: Randi Austin, Kindergarten Teacher

A fun activity that allows children to experiment and mix colors


  • red, yellow, blue food coloring
  • a can of white icing
  • paper plates (one for each student)
  • pretzel sticks


  1. Put 3 spoonfuls of icing on each child's plate.
  2. Put a drop of blue food coloring on one spoonful, a drop of red food coloring on one spoonful, and a drop of yellow food coloring on the last spoonful.
  3. Give the children 3 pretzel sticks.
  4. Allow them to experiment mixing the colors together with their pretzel sticks. You can even let them create and name new colors.
  5. They love it! Of course they get to sample the treat when they are finished.


I teach kindergarten at a small, rural school in Missouri. I am very excited about starting my fifth year as a teacher. It will be my fourth as a kdg. teacher.


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